East Marmara Region Innovation Strategy

December 1, 2014

Increasing importance of information and creativity day by day in global production and value chain has required improvement of innovation and improvement of innovation has required a strategy framework. On the other hand, competitiveness of the regions around the world, particularly in the European Union, is in the agenda in the recent years. “Maintaining Regional Development” is adopted as one of the economic and social development axles in 9th Development Plan in Turkey and Development Agencies has been established on basis of level 2 regions. With the contribution of importance by these developments to regional development and planning activities, intersection of these two subjects has initiated development of regional strategies.

Global actors such as Europe, America, China, and India have pioneer positions in shaping the world economy. Competitive strategy of China and India basing on low-cost labor and view of America and Europe the strategies focusing on informatics, energy efficiency and bio- and nanotechnology as the primary areas directly affect production strategies of developing countries.

Innovation is deemed as the key factor of economic and social development by the international platform, particularly United Nations, World Bank and European Union.

Main risks while allocating resources for innovation on regional and national basis are the consideration for the sectors with powerful lobbies and the sectors defined in environments where differentiation cannot be ensured due to patterning the strategies of other regions or countries.

To prevent this, innovation strategies that analyze international trends well, that well know and interpret the preferences of the region, expanded and adopted by participation of all shareholders are a requirement for management of efficient resource management and a must for benefiting from foreign funds.

In line with all these inputs, providing smart specialization and development of pioneer sectors within a sustainable innovation system in East Marmara Region appears to be a requirement. For this reason, East Marmara Region Innovation Strategy has been prepared. 


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