Tourism Paths of the Black Sea Region - BSB TOUR

Jaunary 31, 2014


East Marmara Development Agency as IPA Partner has started to implement the Project “Tourism Paths of the Black Sea Region - BSB TOUR”, within the framework of the Black Sea Basin Programme (2007-2013). The Project was prepared and submitted under the second call of the Black Sea Basin Programme in partnership with Region of Central Macedonia from Greece. The BSB TOUR project implementation started on 1st January 2014 and its duration will be 24 months.

ENPI Partners:

  1. Region of Central Macedonia, Greece
  2. Institute of Market Problems and Economic and Ecological Research, National Academy of Science, Ukraine
  3. International Center for Caucasus Tourism , Georgia
  4. Ecological Counseling Center Cahu, Republic of Moldova
  5. District Government of Burgas, Bulgaria
  6. NGO Agricola, Ukraine
  7. Gavar State University, Armenia

IPA Partners:

  1. Trakya Development Agency, Turkey
  2. East Marmara Development Agency, Turkey

The Main Purposes of the Project:

  • Establishment of strong cooperation between the partners’ organizations from different in social, economical and regional aspect countries for achieving  economic, social and tourism development based on common resources;
  • Creating a regional network for the sustainable development of tourism in the Black Sea Basin Area;
  • Enhancing the benefits for the producers of traditional products by creating a cross-border network;
  • Organizing events that will promote jointly the dissemination of products at the European and Black Sea Basin market
  • Promoting traditional tastes and foods of the Black Sea Region


Project Budget                                                                                               : 790.020,6 EURO

The Amount of the Total Budgets of IPA Partners                                     : 212.450,60 EURO

Budget of East Marmara Development Agency                                          : 76.888,40 EURO

Co-finance of East Marmara Development Agency (EMDA)                      : 7.688,84 EURO

[Co-finance of IPA Partners will be covered by European Union Ministry of Turkey]

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